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Strengthening futures by igniting hope through educational support

In South Africa, of the 100 learners who start school in Grade 1, only 37% will reach and pass their matric examinations.

Higher education access and outcomes for the 2008 National matric Cohort. van Brokehuizen, H., van der Berg, S. and Hofmeyr, H2017.Stellenbosch Economic working papers 16/2016.
Our Mission

Leading factors causing school dropout:

  • Food insecurity

  • Pregnancy

  • Household responsibilities: domestic chores, sibling care, pressure to earn

  • Under- resourced schools

  • Lack of support for learners struggling academically

  • School disruptions: closures due to unrest, lack of leadership, load shedding

  • A lack of resources such as connection to the internet and quiet places to do homework.

  • Long, costly commutes to  schools

  • Community disruptions: crime, gender-based harassment and assault

  • Substance abuse

  • Gangs


Our Mission is to provide:

  • Academic support to assist learners to complete high school

  • Psychosocial support through mentoring with young adult tutors

  • A safe space of belonging 

  • Sport - Netball and Soccer

  • Connection to opportunities and broadening horizons through regular outings

  • Access to tablets and internet for learning and support using educational apps

  • Empowerment of adult tutors who get work experience, training, and a small income

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